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Champion de Paris – Sally Conway

13 February 2018

Sally Conway became the first British judoka to win the 2018 Grand Slam in Paris since 2003, beating the current World Champion in the final. No surprise to us!

It has been a tough couple of years for Sally since winning Bronze at the 2016 Rio Olympics but you would not know it as her bubbly personality engages and inspires everyone who meets her. She has had to deal with a number of changes which included having to move house and split her training between Edinburgh and Walsall.

Sally’s approach to training and preparation, whether physical or mental, displays a certain quiet relentless drive and reluctance to give in or blame external influences. Sally’s quest for continued improvement led her to train in Japan recently with some of the world’s best judoka athletes to create opportunities to stretch herself to learn and develop.

Sally won the Paris Grand Slam on purpose, making choices that gave her the best opportunity throughout her training, preparations and in the competition itself. During the Paris Grand Slam, Sally took one fight at a time and even within those fights she was disciplined to focus on each exchange one at a time.   

Not only did Sally flex her muscles on the mat, but she also recently qualified as a massage therapist as part of her double career track and is developing into a renowned public speaker.

Well done Sally!  #teamredsky