Steven Turnbull Double Career Track

Successful career transition

Why Red Sky?

Red Sky invests in the long term development of our athletes through our Double Career Track.

There are many documented cases of athletes suffering from depression and dependency as they transition retirement unprepared and uncertain to a  life without sport.

One of our key objectives is to ensure our athletes are able to transition from their high performing sporting career seamlessly in to their next high performing career. By working with the athlete, we ensure that they can apply their world class attitude, performance focus and leadership skills in to the working environment.

We worked with Steven Turnbull, a Red Sky athlete and professional rugby player who was forced to cut his sporting career short due to injury.


Business Benefit

Steven joined marketing agency Tayburn on a 2-month internship in September having spent a short spell at the agency the previous year for his double career track work experience.

“Red Sky approached us on his behalf knowing that his heart lay in marketing communications with a creative agency. On arrival he made a big impression at Tayburn because of his attitude - no job too big or small - and he made a significant contribution to converting a new business opportunity.”

Richard Simpson, Tayburn

All of these factors led to Tayburn offering Steve a formal, salaried contract with a commitment to further developing the skills he needs to complement his outstanding attitude. Since this appointment, Steven stepped up to General Manager for rugby website, The rapid progression through his career is a result of transitioning the skills he developed on the rugby pitch, directly to the business arena.


Athlete Benefit

Red Sky had been working with Steven on his double career track, through coaching and workplace experience with Tayburn.Once his sporting career had come to an end, we were able to fast track into his next career. We supported him to write his CV, prepared him for the interview process and once he got the job, we coached him to accelerate his learning and progression.

“Red Sky helped me through a potentially really difficult time, the end of my sporting career. The great thing was that I was already working on my next career before I got injured and had to retire. It all meant that I was able to have the confidence to take all the skills I developed on the rugby field, understand them, share them with potential employers and then use them in the workplace. It was like I was able to take my years of experience on the rugby field and use that in my new career.”

Steven Turnbull