Lloyds Register Energy and David Florence

A ground-breaking partnership

Why Red Sky?

Red Sky are exceptional at creating partnerships that help business learn from world class sport. We believe this is the best way to inspire learning and creates an engaged and focused workforce. This partnership allowed us to develop and combine the best practice in business and sport to help inspire sustainable high performance.

Lloyd's Register Energy supports Canoe Slalom athlete double World Champion and double Olympic silver medallist David Florence. We partnered Lloyd’s Register with David Florence in 2009 shortly after he won his first silver medal at Beijing. Since then David has gone onto win another Olympic silver medal in the C2 discipline and to become the first man in 73 years to win the C1 and C2 World Championships.

Lloyd’s Register Energy’s objectives originally were to sponsor an athlete who would enhance the image and reputation of the Company, both internally and externally.

Red Sky developed the relationship further by working with LR and translating the impact that David Florence and his learning as a world-class athlete could have on LR’s internal employee engagement programme.

We transferred best practice from the fields of psychology, sports and business and developed a bespoke programme that was been rolled out globally for LR Energy in 2014.

Business Benefit

Brand exposure across all media streams that include; sport, business and lifestyle channels.

By December 2014 LR Energy will have influenced close to half of the workforce with the new mind-set and skills to deliver high performance, all taken from sport and David’s journey as a professional athlete.

On 16th October 2014 Lloyd’s Register Energy won the Employee Engagement Award at the British Quality Foundation’s Excellence Awards- the most prestigious excellent event in the business calendar.

By the summer of 2015 Red Sky’s Performance Team had supported Lloyds Register Energy through the creation of a dynamic and resilient global network of engaged and energised people across service lines, management levels and geographic locations.

 These networks play a crucial role in supporting the executive team to implement strategic change; giving people the opportunity to have direct input to the direction of LR Energy.

 For a large, global organisation to be able to change and adapt in this agile fashion is exceptional.

“The Red Sky Team were instrumental in driving our worldwide change management process by coaching, inspiring and training designated Change Champions within our company. Through a mix of one to one personal coaching and proven training techniques, from both the sport and business worlds, these Champions are now influential in creating a new culture within our business. A culture that embraces change, encourages continual personal development and focuses on increasing individual and team performance. “

- John Wishart, CEO Lloyd’s Register Energy

Sports Benefit

As well as the financial stability this partnership has brought David Florence, allowing him to concentrate on his campaign to become Double World Champion (which he achieved in 2013) and now focus on the 2016 Rio Olympics, this partnership has also helped David understand more about what he wants to do post Sport and how transferable his skills are into business.

“As well as the obvious financial benefits of the partnership that help enormously with my training and competition it has been hugely rewarding to be part of the Change programme. To become a world champion you need to have a very positive attitude to change, to embrace fresh thinking and build your personal resilience. Working with Red Sky I’ve been able to share my personal attitude to change and the techniques I’ve used in my sporting career to boost performance. To know that this has had a positive effect on the people within Lloyd’s Register Energy and to know that I’ve inspired them to learn, adapt and become Champions themselves is incredibly rewarding.”

- David Florence, Double World Champion and Olympic Silver Medallist